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Majestic Minds Behavioural and Family Services is a multi-disciplinary team of professionals. Our passion lies in helping families, and their loved ones diagnosed with special needs.  Our goal is to provide support to our clients throughout their personal journey. We use tools in the community to help integrate and create an inclusive environment for our clients.

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Meet Our Team

Raquel Bacchus

Senior Therapist

Raquel Bacchus has over 10 years of direct experience working with special needs populations. She is very passionate in advocating and providing clients with appropriate learning environments suitable to reaching their individualized goals. She is currently a Behaviour Therapist working with clients of all ages on the spectrum. She specialize in functional communication training (FCT), functional analysis and group therapy. Which includes teaching clients school readiness, life skills and social skills.

She is also a full-time student, pursuing a Master of Counselling degree in psychology. Raquel completed an honors degree with a thesis in psychology during her undergraduate career. Her interests always lied in special needs children and learning about their development. Her thesis was focused on behaviour management in special needs clients. During my undergrad, she participated in many extra-curricular activities as well, such as volunteering in her community at mental health hotlines and volunteering at a family service center facilitating groups for special needs children. Raquel believes family is the most important component to life which is where her passion comes from in advocating for my families and clients.

Christina Shamsundar

Behaviour Consultant

Christina graduated from Ryerson University with a Bachelors Degree in Child and Youth Care. She began working as an Instructor Therapist working with children and youth on the Spectrum in 2017.

She has direct one on one ABA experience working with children and youth, and experience creating and facilitating programming for children in small groups, focused on academic and social goals. She brings a unique perspective by using a mix of Natural Environment Teaching methods and ABA, making learning more enjoyable for children.

Uzma Imran

Behaviour Therapist

Ban Mualla

Behaviour Therapist