Family Supports

Respite Care, Daily Care support, Transition support, School Advocacy and IEP support are some important services we offer as a support to the families in Halton Region: Georgetown, Oakville, Milton, Burlington, PEEL Region: Brampton, Mississauga, Caledon & virtually online.

We believe that working collaboratively with parents and the clinical team preveal the best results for children’s progression. We offer support to families at home and in their communities.

School Advocacy and IEP support

School Advocacy and IEP support is offered to parents to help develop and assist them with supports put in place for their child’s overall success in school. Your child’s therapist can assist you in developing and advocating for your child’s needs in the school system. 

Daycare support

Daycare support is provided if your child is attending daycare services in the community. A therapist can meet with your child’s daycare provider to provide supports, training, and resources to the staff working with your child.

Transition support

Transition support is important during times of change. Children with ASD often experience challenges around unexpected change. Providing a contingency plan for your child during times of predicative change can be beneficial for the family and other professionals working with your child.

Respite Care

Respite Care is important to provide families and primary caregivers a break from caregiving. Our trained respite workers take the time to learn your child’s interests, strengths, weaknesses, behaviors, communication style, and more. The worker will accompany your child in-home or in the community to provide the family with assistance during high-stress times.